2000+ miles’ cycling for Help for Heroes

14th May 2010

After 39 years’ service in the Army, I have three times experienced the excellent treatment and rehabilitation offered to our wounded service men and women – in RAMC Woolwich and Salisbury hospitals and by the staff at Headley Court.

I may be 75 years old now but I think it’s never too late to try and give something back. Headley Court and Selly Oak Hospital desperately need extra funds for their work, so I aim to raise money for Help for Heroes who are providing it.

My current challenge, which began on 25 April, is to spend 35 days cycling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats and back – around 2000 miles – alone and without back-up, survival gear on the bike (so no costs).
==> Update: I have now decided to extend my route to describe a huge triangle that takes in Land’s End, John O’ Groats and Headley Court in Surrey. <==

Every penny you give – and a penny-a-mile is £20 – will be most gratefully received by Help for Heroes on behalf of our wounded service men and women. If you would like to help, please donate using the link below. On behalf of Help for Heroes, many thanks in advance for your support.

Chris Irven

Here are the important links. I press "Ctrl" when clicking a link to open it in a new window:

My aim is to raise much-needed funds for Help for Heroes

==> Please click here if you would like to sponsor me!

A Google map of my 2000+ mile cycle route for H4H (a work in progress – future route first)

2 Responses to “2000+ miles’ cycling for Help for Heroes”

  1. Hi Chris! I just stumbled across your blog (my legs are aching from alot of running for Help For Heroes;-)so I do a fair bit of stumbling these days!) and it’s phenomenal what you are doing (and all the more inspiring having read your “About” page.) I can’t work out where you are or whether you’ve finished – more power to your legs anyway! All the best with your fund-raising. I admire you.

    • chrisirven Says:

      Jane, you are astounding! How in heaven’s name do you jog 200 miles with a 35-litre pack on your back? I am awestruck, and will send a contribution. In answer to your question, I finished my 2038-mile jaunt (with nothing on my back but a load on the bike) on Saturday 29 May 2010. Cream-crackered but happy. So far I’ve attracted £17, 680 for Help for Heroes. What a charity they are, too. Wishing you boundless courage and every success – Chris

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