2000 miles for Help for Heroes – Day 30 – 24 May

30th May 2010


Odometer – 1882 miles. Selby – Sleaford (78 miles).

This was a very long day of 12 hours and 78 miles. I got away in good time from my neat little bivouac site outside Selby, cycling past the Drax power station to Goole, along winding lanes to Scunthorpe. I was just becoming quite pleased with my route finding when I got lost in that fair town… but fortunately not for long before finding my way out towards that extraordinary Roman Road that is the A15. The going was generally good with a few significantly broken patches, a light south-westerly wind and it was moderately warm. I made pretty good progress. The land was an agri-desert – a flat landscape, straight road and villages set well back on either side. At least, unlike some of the great arable regions of France, there are scraps of woodland and the occasional decent hedgerow. I stopped at a Travelodge in Sleaford. It was £57 but I badly needed a wash and flat bed. I crossed the tarmac for a meal at the Little Chef. I ordered a hot pie. When it quickly arrived, covered in an industrial sludge, I discovered it was stone cold in the middle. Although, ravenously hungry, I couldn’t eat it and spoke to the dining room receptionist who said not to worry – she’d take it off my bill. Subsequently, I learnt that a couple of women with whom I had been chatting earlier had paid my bill in full on the way out; and it was too late before I realised that the receptionist had pulled a fast one on me.
In contrast, today I received £57 in donations from a number of people. To recall, I am covering my own expenses; all donations will be paid to Help for Heroes in full.

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