2000 miles for Help for Heroes – Day 31 – 25 May

30th May 2010

I just thought I’d mention that the marvellous Sandside Estate where I stayed with Charlie and Tamara on Saturday 15 May is well described on this web site: Sandside Estate

Tuesday 25 May

Odometer – 1920 miles. Sleaford – Nassington (38 miles).

This was an easy, delightful, day of 36 miles culminating at The Prebendal Manor, Nassington.
James Baile, a friend of my son Andrew, cycled out to meet and escort me back to the manor where he looked after me right royally while Deefer Dog (a Border Collie) was my constant companion. Deefer, I was told, “owned” a platoon of sheep in an adjacent field which she spent much of her time marshalling, moving the confused creatures from one corner to another for no apparent reason other than to keep her paw in.
The Prebendal Manor was connected both with the local church and Lincoln Diocese and Cathedral. The present stone manor house, dating from the early 13th century, stands on an historic site which includes two medieval fishponds and archaeological and historical evidence of one of king Cnut’s royal timber halls. Alongside the Manor House, there lie a 16th century dovecote, a large 18th century tithe barn and a 15th century lodgings building. This astonishing site is open to the public – The Prebendal Manor House. While Mrs Baile lives in the manor house, James and Sheila and their two children live in the lodgings building. I have been amazed to learn that the Prebendal site has been used and occupied since early prehistoric times.
Anyway, back to the present. James, a keen cyclist, serviced my bike and installed a new odometer. Many thanks, James! In the evening, I joined him at a faith group meeting which heard a talk about the Chester Mystery Plays which we all enjoyed. I left the meeting shortly before the very end to go and sort out my things. When James returned, he brought with him a small bowl full of cash from the meeting; they had all donated £85. I went to bed full of happiness and contentment and, as I pondered the day’s events, Deefer Dog nosed open the door and lay down beside the bed in order to see that her guest came to no harm during the night. What more could a man ask?


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